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Getting started

Recommendations: screen resolution 1024 x 768 or up, if you use IE from version 5.5 and up (but we prefer Firefox).

Most existing users do visit every new profile. This means that once your profile is new, you get visited often. Therefor, it's a good idea to keep that in mind instead of 'leaving it blank for now'.

You should also realize that if you are online often, you get much more visitors to your profile (and contacts) then when your profile is 'just sitting there'. The Who's Online lists & Search Online, as well as the Who's Online thumblists, are your best options to get in touch with fellow users

Adding your profile

Because this site is used by various types of users in various ways, we decided not to pin people down on too much obligatory information. We merely leave it up to you. Therefor, be extensive in your description. Furthermore most profiles are usually skipped if barely any info is available, and empty profiles are technically blocked from views. So tell your fellow users something about yourself, what you like, your dislikes, your hobbies. etc. And write it with what you would like to know from that user if you read his profile in mind. You can always disable, or even delete your profile selecting Your Account -> Your Settings -> On Line Settings and browsing down. Please note that (near to) empty profiles are removed.

Adding pictures

Use the menu option Your Settings -> Edit Photos to add more pictures to your profile. You can add up to eight. Important: Add one at a time only!
It doesn't need much illustration that a profile with more pictures gets much more response then without any. Common practice is to upload a 'normal' picture for your first one, and if you would like to add xrated material to protect those, or at least not put them in first (our webmasters tend to delete such profiles at times). You should realize that this site also is visited by non members; if you protected your picture, it is not for them to see.

Sometimes you see "no pic, no reply" on users who themselves did not put a picture there. Obviously they should not expect any replies.

How to use this site

This site is designed from two viewpoints:
First, we think people would like contact now. Therefor, you can use the Who's online, and the Search Online function (found: menu on the left: Search Online.

As you may sometimes feel for a quick sexcontact only, instead of making contacts and just meeting people, we've created the login option 'just a quick sexcontact'. This images shows up everywhere with your name then, as well as on your profile and in the online lists. Furthermore, it offers some extra functionality: If you follow Search Contacts -> you will find under Search Online two additional options: Search people also looking for a sexcontact now, and the same for your country only. So you won't have to search everywhere just to make a quick sexcontact.

As a lot of people are a bit shy to just send a message, we've created the option to send an automated sex invitation to that user. Simply click on it, and the user you selected will receive an automated sex invitation.

You can always change your online status following Your Settings -> Your Online Settings at any time.

Second, it is always nice to see who's interested in you.
You yourself can let people, indirectly, know you might be interested by voting for them for ex., or putting them on your whislist, or simply by visiting their profile.
A more direct way is to send them an instant message, or to ask to be their buddy (which can be done at the bottom of their profile page).

You can see who is interested in you in the Contact Centre.
Your contacts, if online, always show up on top of your Who's online lists. If you open the messenger (menu on the left), you not only receive your message directly, but you are also notified if one of your contacs comes online (or leaves). You can also disable this by following Your Settings -> Your Account -> Your messenger Settings (top option). This functionality was brought back into place upon your many requests with the massive system rebuilt in May 2005.

Another handy tool is to use the Message of the Day, which is displayed in the online lists as an extra with your profile. You can find and set it following Message Centre (menu on the left) -> top option Message of today.

Nederlands: Als je account succesvol is aangemaakt:
Gefeliciteerd , alles is ingesteld!
We hopen dat je veel plezier beleeft aan onze sites; mocht je vragen of suggesties hebben, gebruik dan de quick message (envelopje rechts bovenin naast je naam) om tomnl (een van onze webmasters) een berichtje of suggestie te sturen.

Je kunt je instellingen op elk moment wijzigen
via Your Settings -> Your Account (menu rechts), click vervolgens op de lampebolletje
En nu?

  • Om te zien wie er online zijn, volg je Who's Online van het menu rechts
    Je kunt stemmen op users (als je hoger dan 6 stemt zien ze dat je voor ze hebt gestemd, wat uitnodigt tot contact), privé berichtjes sturen, users niet meer te zien, etc.
  • Om je Bericht van de Dag in te stellen, ga je naar het Message Centre van het menu rechts
    Hier kun je ook je berichten beheren, opslaan in je privé-boxen, berichten forwarden, etc etc
  • Om te zien wie je profiel heeft bekeken of wie op je heeft gestemd, ga je naar het Contact Centre. Hier kun je ook je contacten beheren, users verwijderen van je wishlist, etc.
  • Om te zien wie er nog meer op deze sites zitten, kun je de Search opties gebruiken.
    je kunt vrijwel overal op zoeken, online of on-en offline users
  • Om meer foto's toe te voegen aan je profiel, ga je naar Your Settings -> Edit Photos
  • Om je profiel te editen, ga je naar Your Settings -> Edit Profile
  • Om je favoriete uitgaansplekken aan te geven of om andere users te laten weten waar ze je kunnen vinden, ga je naar de tourist guide door Travel vanaf het site-menu (links boven) te selecteren
  • Voor het forum, selecteer je User Forum, heb je je forum account nog niet geopend, dan gaat dat automatisch
  • Om commentaar toe te voegen aan het laatste nieuws, of artikelen uit Gay News, ga je naar News vanaf het site-menu (links boven)

  • De meeste opties zijn intuitief, als je ze ziet raak je er vanzelf mee vertrouwd.
    Er zit te veel functionaliteit in deze (complexe) sites om ze hier op te sommen, als je help nodig hebt click dan op Help rechts bovenin, of stuur ons een private message. Oh, final note, een enorme hoeveelheid functies e.d. zijn ingebouwd door onze vrijwilligers naar aanleiding van je suggesties, dus als je een suggestie hebt, laat het ons weten!
    Het aantal profielen wat je kunt zien, en berichten die je kunt ontvangen, alles is ongelimiteerd. Veel plezier.
    English: once your account has been succesfully created:
    Congratulations , you're all set!
    We hope you enjoy our site, and if you might have any suggestions, please let us know.

    You may always change your settings later
    following Your Settings -> Your Account (menu on the right), and then the Lightbulb
    And Now what?

  • To see who is online, follow Who's Online from the menu on the right
    You can vote for people, send private messages, cross them from your view etc.
  • To set your message of today, follow Message Centre from the menu on the right
    This is also the place to manage your messages, store your messages in your private boxes, etc etc
  • To see people who saw your profile or who voted for you, select Contact Centre. This is also the place to manage your contacts
  • To see who else is here, you can use the Search Contacts option
    you can search on nearly all options, both online or on-and offline users
  • To add more pictures to your profile, select Your Settings -> Edit Photos
  • To edit your profile, select Your Settings -> Edit Profile
  • To add your favourite nightlife places, or let other users know where they can spot you, add them from the tourist guide by select Travel from the site menu (left top)
  • To add comments to the user forum, select User Forum from the menu on the right; a forum account will be automatically created for you if you did not already do so
  • To add comments to the latest news, or to articles from Gay News, select News from the site menu left on top

  • Most options are intuitive, you will get acqainted with them when you see them.
    There are too many functions to mention briefly, if you need any help just select Help from the top-right menu at any time, or send us a message. Oh, final note, a huge number of the functionality was added by our volunteers based upon your feedback; so if you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!
    There are no limits on number of profileviews, on number of messages etc. Enjoy
    Reading messages

    You can receive messages in various ways. Most common is to use the Messenger. Your messages automatically pop up once sent.
    important note about the messenger:
    If you use your messenger, messages pop up with you once sent by the sender. It automatically marks them as being read. This means that if you did not see the pop up message (and is left sitting there) the message is stil marked read, and will not show up again, and is transferred to your archive.

    Another way is to use the New Messages option from the menu on the left (recommended). There, you will find your new messages arranged by user and by time sent. The advantage of the New Messages option is that it also displays your earlier correspondance with that user.

    In addition to the New Messages menu option, you can set your messenger as a Notifier-only. To set it, follow Your Settings -> Your Account -> Your messenger Settings. You will then be notified immediately of new messages without having to read it from the popup.

    All messages are stored in the Archives (menu on the left Message Centre, from there select Archive). Messages in the archives however, are not safeguarded. If you would like to safeguard them, for ex. for future reference or just as a reminder, you can store them in your Private Box (for more help on that, see below, Further help).
    You can now also store a new message to your private Inbox directly by clicking the little icon.

    Various options

    The number of functions built in this site is too much to all mention briefly here. If applicable, you can find context sensitive help in the different areas as well (for ex. on how to protect your pictures). Some general options though:
  • notify for waiting messages

  • If you are not online, you still can receive direct messages. With this function, you can let the system let you know that you have private messages waiting by sending you an email. This only works if you are not logged in, and can be activated in Your Settings -> Your Account (disabled by default).
  • hide your wishlist

  • In the contact centre you can see who's interested in you, and people who have you on their wishlist. Alternatively, users you put on your wishlist, can also see you have them on your wishlist. You can hide your wishlist on the page People Interested in You, which can be found in the Contact Centre (disabled by default).


    You will find that once you make contact with other users, have people as your buddies and on your wishlist, and initiate contact by sending private instant messages, you can conveniently arrange and maintain your contacts in various ways. We've tried to get you as much tools as you may need, if however, you feel that something is missing, it is a challenge to see your wish integrated. To achieve that, simply get us your suggestion and you may be suprised!

    Most functionality at this site is present because of and thanks to the suggestions of your fellow users.

    General Site Considerations

    These sites are made and maintained by some crazy volunteers. Please keep that in mind if you have a question for us, and consider you being busy with your hobby as an addressee. This also means that you may put your suggestions forward, and be surprised with them actually being built for you. On the other hand, this means that commercial profiles are removed, as well as 'suspicous' profiles. Don't think you can mess up these sites with phoney mess or spamming users, we have more tools available than you may know, and they will always result in you being blocked from any further usage, or, worse case secario, an abuse report to your ISP.

    Technically speaking, the knowledge available to our volunteers is on average bigger nowadays then on expensive comparative sites, e.g. we can get you an as advanced, or, if you ask us to, more advanced functionality layout. Over the years we've built and added many things per your request; just keep your requests coming, that's all we ask.

    Further help

    >> Help on creating boxes for Your Contacts
    >> Help on using your Blocklist
    >> Help on Your Private box
    >> How to get rid of the sex-tag; msg notifier, change your online status
    >> Help with login problems/ problems editing your profile and pictures/ deleting your profile

    having questions or problems? No problem, just send tomnl a message (one of our webmasters who usually is online).

    We welcome your comments, please send them to the webmasters.
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