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Bugs fixed

Login problem with IE v. 9, now resolved.


Too many new additions and improvements continuously to keep track of here. Major improvements and/ or new functionality announced on the welcome page


Over half a year of work from quite some volunteers, with heavy testing (of course) resulted in what you see today. Also many new techniques have been implemented, although most users won't even notice.

We've been shopping around quite some time for the sub-applications we were looking for, but none met our requirements (that's the disadvantage of over 11 years webbuilding experience). So we're still busy coding, e.g. keep an eye out, many new additions are currently being built.

We've moved to new, massive & professional hardware (aug. 05), so we can keep up with the always growing data stream requests (which is already high, we have the biggest data load with one of the countries bigger ISP's, and then we also bump into an average increase of over 50% a year).

So, now we can cope with all that, sit back, get your suggestions, and see what we (or you) will come up with!

Some update-archives here:
July 5:
added right-mouse context menus on users profile and photo pages

July 4:
- Message Archive: you can now transfer messages from your Archive directly to one of your private boxes.
- Search: you can now search on city with a few quotes, for ex. looking for Amsterdam, type Ams with city

Furthermore some minor bugs fixed and furhter systems further optimzed.

May 25:
You can now also remove buddies if you are a buddy of someone else (because you for ex. are tired of that person).
Find it using Your Contacts.

March 11:
Added a who's online thumbnail list; instead of the full rows, you now get all thumbs with the basic user stats. Find it using Search Contacts.

March 8:
Rebuild the messenger; now it's refresh should work ok.
Furthermore option in messenger built in to use it as a notifier of new messages only, to use in combination with reading new messages following New Messages. It can be set at Your Account page.

March 7:
You can now change your online status; your online status is also indicated at all areas of the site now, including on your profile page.

If you are logged in or updated your online status to looking for a sexdate now you can, at Search Contacts-> Search other users sexcontact now, find the option to send an automated sexinvitation. If you do so, the user is sent an automated message asking him if he's interested. Handy if you're a bit shy.

Also new:

March 6:
currently looking for a sexdate created a distinction on the site between people just logging in for a quick sexdate and other. For that, the entire login procedure has been reprogrammed, as well as online and search pages.

Also ordered functionality to basics; birthdays etc can now be found under (menu on the left) Search Contacs; now you can find anything concering your messages, including your message of the day under Message Centre, everyting about Your Contacts in the Contact Centre and all search options (including top 10 hits etc) on the Search Contacts page.

Logging in for 'just a quick sexcontact' brings out an extra option on the Search Contact pages; you will also see two additional search options available: Search users also looking for a sexcontact now, and looking for a sexcontact now in your country only.

March 5:
Moved the Message of the day to the Message Centre.
Removed menu option on the left Your Contacts; you can reach it using Contact Centre-> Your contacts.

Forward function:
You can now forward your messages! You can find it in the option New Messages (from the menu on the left), in your message archive and in your private box.
You can only forward messages to your buddies (or to the site admins); messages-to-forward cannot be edited.

Private message notifier:
You can now receive a notification by email if you have x number of messages waiting. You can activate it on Your Account page.

Also New: The Contact centre has now thumbnails everywhere, so you can see who you're looking at.

Very New: We've written a help file!
>> Help Index

Please note: Search Online is still there, you can find it under Search Contacts, from there select "search online only"

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions;
>> For suggestions and questions,
please use our forum
, we will reply there.

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