Your Private Box

Here you find your safegarded messages from people you corresponded with.
To get people you corresponded with here, get them from your archive (option-store in private box). You can remove people from your private box again 24 hours after you moved them into it (otherwise you will get a Lock code).

Important: Your messages are basically stored in the archive. Once you moved them to your private box they are safeguarded, and you can safely remove that user from your archive. However, if you are in the course of time communicating, please remember those messages are stored in the archive; you will have to store (these new messages of) the user to your private box to safeguard those later.

You will automatically be reminded, as those users show up again in your archives. Once you remove users from your private box and they are not stored in the archive anymore, those messages are gone forever.

This function enables you to shift between users you want to correspond with and others, and us to clean up the regular archives every now and then, thus getting you more performance.

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