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currently looking for a sexdateWe've created a distinction on the site between people just logging in for a quick sexdate and other. Logging in with the option 'just a quick sex contact' shows up the sex-icon next to your profile in online lists, searches and on your profile page.

It also brings you an extra option on the Search Contact pages; you will also see two additional search options available: Search users also looking for a sexcontact now, and looking for a sexcontact now in your country only.

If you would like to get rid of the sex-icon, you can just change your online status following the menu option on the right Your Account

Private message notifier if not online:
You can receive a notification by email if you have x number of messages waiting. You can activate it on Your Account page. It only works if you are not logged in, and only sends you a message once the number of messages waiting equals the indicated notification value. This means that on message number +1 it does not send out other notifications; just one only.

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