Although not often found, we did encounter some users who were sending an identical message to more then 10 users. Our policy in this is very clear:
  • spam is not accepted
  • we will remove the spam messages, block the user from further usage of our sites, and remove his profile, without any further warning.

    Reporting spam:
    In order to be able to report spam to us, we've incorporated a forward function. You can forward private messages to not only your buddies, but also to (bottom of the list) tomnl (siteadmin) or admin.

    The forward function is available from the message archive.

    Important note: Your email address is NOT incorporated in any parts of our site, not even in source codes (so not accessible for robots).

    Another important note: Our webmasters hate spam; obviously forwarding multiple messages to them for no reason is not at all appreciated.


    That's easy, same policy a on spam. Suspected fakers have a red alert
    Fake Alert!
    in the up-right area of their profile (underneath the message-envelop, and fancy-value). How we know we obviously won't say here, but if the alert is there, we wouldn't trust the user.

    General policy - suspect profiles

    We don't maintain and build these sites for commercial shit, nor for Ghana ripp offs, beggers, russian hookers, romanian and bulgarian beggers.
    We've added the option "> report as suspect" which is available from any profile. Although we go through every new users daily, we may have missed one like that. In that case, please use that feedback option. Profiles like this are always removed; if added again, those users are blocked, and so will their IP's.

    Final remark

    We thought we wouldn't have to mention this, but of course never send someone with some kind of story any money!

    Further help

    >> Help on creating boxes for Your Contacts
    >> Help on using your Blocklist
    >> Help on Your Private box
    >> How to get rid of the sex-tag; msg notifier, change your online status
    >> Help with login problems/ problems editing your profile and pictures

    having questions or problems? No problem, just send tomnl a message (one of our webmasters who usually is online).

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